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The Lines are Officially Blurred December 10, 2009

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So after I’ve completed my paper.. thirteen pages that continually refer to and defend Lagaan as a Bollywood film through and through.. after watching the film multiple times to gather all the information I wanted to use to support my classification of Lagaan as a thouroughly BOLLYWOOD film…after hours and hours of creatively approaching Lagaan as an example of a BOLLYWOOD film… and after I have put all the finishing touches on the paper… envelope sealed..I go to YouTube to watch the trailer for Lagaan. I LOVE Lagaan and I love watching trailers… sometimes they just do such a good job of pulling the greatness of the film into two minutes..

and THIS is what I find. Could this BE MORE AMERICAN? …. what can ya do….



Happy holidays!


Comment on Verevis Reading October 6, 2009

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I made this observation while I was reading and I wanted to see what everyone thought…I’m trying to figure out a good way to say what I’m thinking so here goes…

Why is it that biographers will research the life of a filmmaker? Obviously the personal life of a director impacts filmmaking, but I found the interest in Tarantino’s life especially strong. Would his movies be as valued and analyzed if there were no knowledge of the personal motives behind different characters and themes? Do the life experiences of directors give them the “authority” (page 174) to include fictitious events in films?

Lost in Translation? September 24, 2009

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Hey everyone!

I was surfing YouTube and found this interesting video! I’m not sure where this video came from or how legit these translations are, but I think its interesting to see that people have translated this scene in so many different ways. Also, read the comments below…it is funny to see the arguments about translation!